Professional Arena Football is set for initial kick off in March of 2019.  The PAF will be broken up into geographically based divisions designed to reduce travel costs. The League will consist of a Northern (Northern Arena Football) and Southern division (Southern Arena Football), with the potential of new divisions emerging as the league continues to grow. The PAF's - Professional Arena Football mission will be to provide a platform for professional athletes to advance their playing careers, while providing high quality entertainment to the local communities that they play in.

"The PAF allows us to expand nationwide and create regional divisions within the league." Said League Commissioner Gregg Fornario. "We have multiple teams that we are currently working with and are aiming for 3 divisions this season. The league will be ran very professionally and will keep all ownerships to a financial standard."

The PAF - Professional Arena Football will follow a set of rules similar to the Arena style of play, making it a natural breeding ground for elite talent to hone their skills, while also trying to advance their careers.

If you are interested in joining the PAF, please fill out the Expansion Form with your team information and one of our staff will be in contact with you.

PAF - Professional Arena Football

  • Each division will have 4 to 8 teams per
  • Teams must play in Arenas approved by the PAF
  • League Fee TBD
  • League Security Deposit TBD : Each team will recieve their deposit back after their last regular season game.
  • Approval = To be approved by the PAF and to protect all ownerships of their investment we will conduct a background check including Financials.
  • Schedule : Teams will play a 8 to 10 game schedule that will be voted on by all teams owners.

The Board:

  • All teams will designate 1 person to represent them on the Leagues board and will be involved in the voting process of league decisions.
  • League will provide an updated website with league stats.
  • League will host an Arwards Banquet the night before the Championship Game in the city hosting.
  • League is looking to start Saturday March 9th
  • League meetings October 6th in Boston - Place TBA

Gregg Fornario, President - PAF

For more information regarding expansion opportunities or partnerships, contact Gregg Fornario at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit  www.professionalarenafootball.com