3d football field goalposts


  • Kickoff thru goal post is 1 pt and goes up with each consecutive successful kick.  
    • Example if kickoff goes thru uprights 3x in a row that is 3pts etc
  • FG miss attempt, but makes contact with uprights is spotted at the 5yrd line like a punt.
  • At the 2 minute warning at end of the game goes to 4 to score there will be no more 1st downs .  
    • Example if it's your ball at mid field with 2min and 5 seconds left and its 3rd and 3 you will want to call a timeout or if you don't it goes to 3rd and goal from mid field.
  • Iron man = Must have 1 guy that plays a minimum of 16 plays on both sides of the ball.
  • Roster = 19 man dress on the day of the game| 24 Man Roster during season
  • Salary cap = $1,900 Minimum | $5,000 Maximum


  • Four (4) downs are allowed to advance the ball 10 yards for a first down, or to score.
  • Six (6) points for a touchdown.
  • One (1) point for a conversion by place kick after a touchdown, two (2) points for a conversion by drop kick and two (2) points for a successful run or pass after a touchdown.
  • Three (3) points for a field goal by placement or four (4) points for a field goal by drop kick.
  • Two (2) points for a safety.


  • Kickoffs are from the goal line. Kickers may use a one-inch tee.
  • Punting is illegal. On fourth down, a team may go for a first down, touchdown or field goal.
  • Any untouched kickoff, which is out of bounds, will be placed at the 20-yard line or the place where it went out-of-bounds, whichever is more advantageous to the receiving team.
  • Receivers must have one foot inbounds for a catch. A forward pass that rebounds off the rebound net or sideline barrier is a live ball and is in play until it touches the playing surface.
  • Overtime periods are 15 minutes for both the regular season and the playoffs.
  • Each team gets one possession to score. If, after each team has had one possession, one team is ahead, that team wins. If the teams are tied after each has had a possession, the next team to score wins.
  • BALL IN THE STANDS - When a ball is thrown or bounces into the seats surrounding the playing field, the "lucky" fan that catches the ball keeps it.
  • DROP KICK - A drop-kicked FG is worth 4 points. A drop-kicked extra point is worth 2 points.
  • "MAC" AND "JACK" LINEBACKERS - "Mac" may rush the QB straight on without stunting, twisting or drop-back coverage. "Jack" must stay within an imaginary box behind the line of scrimmage. Either LB may cover the fullback or tight end.
  • OFFENSIVE MOTION - Unlike stadium-played football, one offensive back may go into forward motion prior to the snap of the ball.
  • OVERTIME - Arena Football has a unique overtime rule. If a contest is tied after regulation, teams will play a 15-minute overtime. Each team will have one opportunity to score. If, after each team has had one chance to score, the game is tied, the first team to score is crowned the winner.
  • SIDELINE BARRIERS - Similar to the sideboards that surround a hockey rink, the sideline barrier encircles the playing surface. The barrier is made of a high-density foam pad, measuring four inches thick.
  • STUNTING OR TWISTING - When a defensive lineman is rushing the passer, there's no "stunting" or "twisting". In other words, linemen are required to power past offensive linemen.
  • TIGHT END - One offensive lineman must declare himself a tight end prior to the snap by simply raising his arm and "declaring" himself a tight end. The Mac (rush-eligible) linebacker must line-up on the opposite side of the center from the tight end.
  • OTHER LEAGUE EXEMPT - Player signs with CIF, IFL,NAL, AFL, CFL or NFL.